Hi, there! Thank you so much for stopping by!  I'm Melissa, (You can call me Mel.) ... a lover of guacamole, pinot noir, and all things pretty (especially if they're gold or pink!).  My days are fueled by coffee (and lots of it), a secret stash of candy, and the sound of tiny feet pitter pattering around my house.  I'm obsessed with laughs funnier than the joke, bear hugs, smiling eyes, and a beautiful love story.  It doesn't even have to be Nicholas Sparks' quality ... I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart!

When I'm not walking around with my camera around my neck, you'll find me at home with my family.  I'm the momma of two little girls, a mom to two older kids born before I entered their lives, and the wife to the most selfless, loving man I know. (Family of 6 ... and there's never a dull or quiet moment! Just the way Jason and I love it!) I consider myself overly lucky and abundantly blessed!  

It wasn't until I became a mother that I found my true inspiration in photography. My first-born daughter, Tansley Viva Bliss, was where it all started. (Hence, the name of my business, "My Bliss.") In Tansley I found everything that was beyond perfect in my world, and I wanted nothing more than to capture all the tiny moments in her daily "normalness" that warmed my heart and made our life full of bliss.  My goodness I never realized how wonderful babies were until I had my own!  (I know all the mommas out there can completely relate!)

This is exactly my vision for every session when I work with my clients.  I aim to capture raw emotions and adorable personalities as they unfold behind the lens. Nothing forced ... just keeping it real and authentic!  When you look back through your photos, I hope they make you laugh, smile, and maybe even shed a tear.  (The best form of flattery!) 

I love making people laugh and feel beautiful (because YOU ARE!). I would be honored to capture your special event or milestone in life.  Don't forget to stop by my Contact Me page. Let's chat!